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Big week ahead


I’m not sure if sipping a glass of red wine is the best preparation for the 75-80 mile week ahead however here I am in recovery mode from a weekend of shopping.  Shopping is something I try to avoid while in heavy marathon training as running becomes top priority for expending leg energy.  It was however a nice diversion for my easy week of running.

Waiting to be filled with Christmas cookies

The main source of fun is often, a trip to Target.  A lot of the purchases made at Target were in preparation for the holidays, wrapping paper, festive cookie containers, stocking stuffers and paper party products.  I am an avid baker and I’m looking forward to posting photos of my holiday baking as well as the recipes.  I love the holiday season and in our household it officially kicks off with the Advent Vespers at St. Basil’s church.  I’m finding it hard to hold off on the temptation to start listening to my playlist of Christmas Carols on my IPod.  And, I’m looking forward to seeing the festive tree in Union square, San Francisco on our post-marathon days there.

Ready for holiday wrapping

Yesterday morning, I was quite tired, mentally, from the late night at work but I did get out for 3 miles before leaving town.  This morning I ran another 3 miles on the treadmill.  With all this rest, and the missed speedwork on Friday, I should be feeling pretty peppy tomorrow.

The plan for the week is something like this.

Monday – a.m. 5 miles / p.m. 8 miles with tempo work or speedwork

Tuesday – 7-8 miles

Wednesday – a.m. 3 miles / p.m. 8 miles with tempo work or speedwork

Thursday – a.m. 3-4  miles / p.m. 8 miles easy pace

Friday – a.m. 7-8 miles easy pace

Saturday – 18-20 miles

Sunday – 7-8 miles very easy

Total for the week 75-80 miles

What will it take to pull off this week successfully?  Number one, it means carefully monitoring hours of sleep and getting to bed at a decent hour.  Eating a good breakfast and making sure to have some protein, no longer than 20 minutes after each workout.  Limiting alcohol consumption.  Alcohol interferes with REM sleep, among other things.

I enjoyed hearing about the fitness routines of my sister and sister-in-law.  Both, do most of their running in the evening as their mornings are very busy.  As mentioned earlier, my sister has four kids and my sister-in-law has three kids.  My sister’s PRECOR treadmill has held up very well.  She has had it for six years and it has survived an episode of an exercise ball getting pulled complete under the belt.  I guess these things happen when you have four kids.  They both took it easy this morning but were planning to run later this evening.

The elusive Petite, Size 0, on sale

The border crossing was not as bad as earlier trips with 30 minutes to clear customs and no waiting at all to pay duty.  We always declare what we have purchased, a family tradition, instilled in us by our mom.

We had a wonderful time together and talked about our next outing, hoping to include our mom and another sister-in-law who gave birth to a son in August.  My parents have 14 grandchildren, with an even split between the sexes.

Well, better tuck into dinner and get prepared for the week.

Happy end-of-weekend to all!

2 thoughts on “Big week ahead

  1. Those Christmas containers are so cute! You got those at Target, you say?

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