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Portrait of the runner as a young artist

In a previous post I mention renowned coach Jack Daniels, author of one of the best training books available, namely Jack Daniel’s Running Formula.  What a surprise to discover that he will be speaking at the California International Marathon race expo in Sacramento.  This marathon expo has a more serious bent and for a long-time runner like me of more interest than the “couch-potato-to-marathon” in three months seminars.  Although my husband and I both (independently) ran our first marathons shortly after discovering a Runner’s World article on how to train for a marathon in three months, that was recycled once a year.

As for rebounding from bad habits, I have mentioned my very active girlhood but not yet confessed that for five years I was a smoker.  Those years from 18-23 coincided with my time studying fine-arts at Sir George Williams C.E.G.E.P. and Concordia University.  When I graduated from high school, I was torn between studying fine-arts and physical education but tipping the balance was the encouragement of winning an art prize when I graduated. When I entered C.E.G.E.P. I made an effort to join the hockey team however the practice rink was not accessible to me and this made it easier for me to gravitate to the “dark side” of bohemia. My husband jokingly wonders if Smoking-101 was a required course for a fine-arts student in those days.

Foolishly cool at age 19

However rebound I did at age 23 so my life tally of healthy living is 50 years of health, 5 years of foolishness which involved the economy measure of rolling my own cigarettes of Drum tobacco as a student.  Gross!