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An outcome of my blogging is that a couple of friends and my mom are thinking about starting their own blogs. Once my mom returns from her trip to the Yukon, I will help her get started.

HTO Park - Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 6:40 a.m.

I woke at 4:01 a.m. today and timed my 7 mile run to coincide with the sunrise on the lake. The time change has wrought great changes on the morning run. I ran west along the lake, hoping for a fabulous sunrise shot, however the position of the sunrise changes and sadly, this morning sunrise was hidden behind the Island airport terminal.

Lake Ontario, Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 6:50 a.m.

After work, I met a friend for dinner. We went to the Oliver and Bonancini restaurant in the Bell Lightbox. My friend lives very close by and was amazed at the enormity of the Bell Lightbox complex. We went for a short tour after dinner to check out the Blackberry cafe and pick up the film schedule. Fritz Lang’s metropolis was playing and the place was quite populated. Toronto, a great city for film aficionados.

My friend is planning to start a blog, the debut to be timed to coincide with an adventure that appears certain to happen fairly soon. He is a wonderful photographer and a great person with lots of interests, so I think blogging will come quite naturally to him.

He is just back from New York, having run the marathon. Having set out to run what he considered, his last marathon effort. The disappointment of a less-than-hoped for time due to leg cramps has him planning for another run at a personal best time. In spite of this, he fully appreciated the legendary enthusiasm of New Yorkers for the marathon runners.

It turns out that he stayed at the same hotel I did a few years ago. A Marriot Hotel across from Bryant Park, which is highly recommended by Trip Advisor. This hotel is very close to a favourite New York city store, a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya Bookstore. I love this place. It has three stories with a take-out cafe on the top floor, a stationary department in the basement and much more.

Blogger-to-be in marathon recovery mode

Over the years, the photographs of this friend have become treasured memories for many. The photo on the EXERTION tab of my blog was taken by him. I thank him for that along with many others.

Sweet dreams to all, especially those recovering from marathons!