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At the moment, it’s more about what I would like to be reading.  On the floor by my bedside was this collection which I thought was fairly representative of what I read (or would like to read).  I seem to prefer non-fiction and as I have mentioned before on my post about Dave Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, am a student of time-management.

The paperback with no cover is the last 160 pages of Dombey and Son by Dickens which took me four months to finish.  I began to make more headway when I cut the book in half, after finishing the first 500 pages of the nearly 1000 page book.  The only book I am seriously reading, and extremely slowly at that, is The Road From Ruin, which is part of my personal plan for financial literacy.

Books, I'm skimming or would like to read.

I would go into more detail about these books but I have to write a short speech for tomorrow evening. I will be saying a few words at my son’s old high school, to grade 8 students and their parents, who are attending the school’s open house, as they go about the business of selecting a high school.

I ran 3 miles this morning, and then another fabulous running-from work adventure for an additional 8 miles. The days are just too short.

Bon soir!

p.s. The largest selection in the book pile was poetry. If you haven’t yet checked out the WORDS & HEART tab of my blog, you’ll find some poetry there.

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