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The photo that pedalled away

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A week ago, we were in Frankfurt, sitting in the main square with my brother, when an unusual sight passed us by; The famous (apparently) beer powered wagon. Well, powered by beer drinkers, that is. My worldly brother and his friends were aware of this wagon-bike, which is like a mobile bar with pedals for each beer drinker. What a sight! It happened too quickly for a photo but I did find these two photos on the internet.

What a joy, dry fall mornings are. As usual, I ran to the lake and back in what I consider the ideal temperature range for running. For my easy pace runs, I don’t wear my watch but only note the time of my departure, as I have good sense of how much time a run will take and whether or not I am dawdling. Not wearing a watch makes the time far more relaxing.

Tonight we ate at the Bloor Street Diner and I was happy to leave with having had just one glass of bubbly, knowing that I’ll be thankful for that when I get up tomorrow for my long run of 15-18 miles. On the way home, I briefly thought we were coming upon a band of Oktoberfest revelers as there was singing and a lead accordionist. The group it turns out was a band of merry Hare Krishna celebrants. This was something that we used to see regularly, say three decades ago. Generally, there seemed to be a feeling of upbeat camaraderie in the air. Maybe it has something to do with Nuit Blanche.

Avanti, avanti!

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