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Autumn Gold

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My husband noted last night that there are lots of photos of food on my blog and not very many running photos. So check out this trailer for Autumn Gold a film about Masters track and field athletes.

And now for the food!

Saumon Saisi
crispy skin salmon with choucroute,
smoked bacon and celeriac mustard remoulade

This meal was enjoyed at Auberge de Pommier, part of the Peter Oliver restaurant empire.  It stands as an oasis in the near no-man’s-land of lunch dining, York Mills and Yonge.  Ãs for the photo, I am someone who blinks a lot, it can be hard to get a photo of me with my eyes open.  I’m dining with a friend, who I consider something of a mentor in that she has been coaching me and shedding some light on how to shine in the job application, interview process.  I am very grateful to her for her interest and enthusiasm in helping me and others learn how to best navigate the workplace.

Incidentally, she has been running for more years than I have and plays tennis regularly.   I asked our waiter to take our photo and it turns out that he has done some running and triathlons and that our paths crossed at some point, and he remembered me.

I had a good run this morning with a few 200 meter pick-ups.  I’m finally back on Toronto time.  I woke at 5:30 a.m.  A bit later than my normal time to rise.

Farewell September.  Welcome autumn gold (and red)

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