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Honey, I’m home (from my 21 miler)

Last week due to the absence of B, whose home we often meet at, we converged at the washrooms of the Art Barn on Christie, just as the Farmer’s market was getting set up.   My husband ended his run there and enjoyed some novel, although expensive grocery shopping. This week he drove to B’s and ran a few miles with us before heading back.

Farmers Market at the Art Barn

Beta carotene, nutritious and colourful

As described yesterday, the plan for today was to meet at B’s. We headed to the Kay Gardiner beltline, then to the cemetery. I did a triple pass of the beltline and a second foray into the cemetery, exiting on Yonge, with a pit stop at Tim Horton’s.

I purposely ran down Poplar Plains road, to see how the quads would hold up to the downhill pounding. Not bad, feeling stronger, fitter and toughened up to 3 hours plus of pounding. I ran down Huron to Harbord and picked up the pace for the last mile and half. Great to finish feeling strong.

Fabulous fatty latty

As soon as I entered the house, my husband handed me my fatty latty, A.K.A. my triple-venti-whole milk-vanilla-latte. This is my regular Starbuck’s drink although lately I sometimes order a triple-venti-half-sweet-pumpkin spice latte with no whipped cream.

Farmer's market cauliflower, just another variety

He reported on what he had been doing while I was running for 3 hours and 20 minutes. He bought vegies and bread at the farmer’s market, meat at the Grace street meat market and brunch was about to be served.

Farmer's market potatoes, beef breakfast strips and scrambled eggs

This warm welcome home was the highlight of my long run – thank you darling!