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Highlights of recent runs

Last Saturday

The first mile of the 14 mile route was marked by colourful art on a fruit market van.


Seen at Bloor and Manning



View from Strathearn bridge


Our group ran uphill, in Moore park and then through the cemetery.  As we left the park via the Merton street exit that connects with the beltline, a porta potty was spotted.  This is exciting news for runners, who celebrate the addition of another potential pit stop on primo running routes whilst logging 15 plus miles.  The early part of the day was lovely and some fall colours are starting to develop in Cedarvale Ravine.



HTO Park, the urban beach


I ran through HTO park, the urban beach quite early in the morning.  The waterfront is fairly busy in the early morning with exercisers, dog walkers, city staff, firemen, police, Porter staff, enroute to work.  So, if my mom is reading this post.  I hope any fears she might have for my safety are quashed.  Although, I do not run through Coronation park in the dark and take the street route, past a number of high-rise condos.


Wm. Lyon Mackenzie Fireboat near marine fire station


Farewell to mama kanga and baby who were spotted leaving our home to take residence in Kitchener-Waterloo with their owner. How the decades have flown by as the 20th birthday of this duo soon approaches.


Leaving home


La vida loca!