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Music for a run in the rain


I ran six miles this morning, heading out into a light rain which slowly escalated to a near drenching downpour.  It was barely dawn as I ran north on Spadina, crossing paths with a friend who was running at a good clip making a beeline for home.  On the other side of Spadina close to where we met is a favourite espresso bar called the Dark Horse cafe.

Dark Horse Cafe, Spadina north of Queen

I did a couple of faster sections, running to Arvo Part which somehow seemed fitting in the dawn rain.  A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert which included Arvo Part’s music at Koerner Hall called The Mystical Worlds of Part & Schafer. “Arvo Part (Estonia) and R. Murray Schafer (Canada) are two of the world’s greatest living composers. Koerner Hall will resound with 180 resplendent young adult voices under the baton of famed Estonian conductor Tonu Kaljuste.”

The photo below is taken on the balcony outside Koerner Hall which looks onto Philospher’s Walk and the ROM.  The final piece of the performance involved a surround sound effect of four choirs on the four sides of the hall.  A choir was directly behind our seats which provided a unique musical immersion. The piece I ran to this morning is a current favourite by Arvo Part. I discovered “Summa” as part of Air Canada’s audio entertainment selection this summer.

I hope you’ll have a listen and tell me if you like it.

Balcony at Koerner Hall

2 thoughts on “Music for a run in the rain

  1. Beautiful song! For some unexplainable reason, it cut out around the two minute mark but I like what I heard. Very peaceful. Henry slept through it, so it’s good in my books! 🙂

    I would love to try that espresso bar. Not sure when I will get to the downtown core again though!

    p.s. Cute pic!

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