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Downhill from here – Day 6

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The up aide of not having companions for the run is that I was able to sleep in 90 minutes. One feature of my 5 a.m. rising time is that it factors in at least an hour, if not more, of coffee time before I head out the door for a run. I try and stick to this “at-least-one-hour” rule whenever possible.

Since rain was not on the horizon, I enjoyed taking my time gearing up for the long run. This can be a “slippery slope” of procrastination as one finds must-do errands like polishing the silver, suddenly arising. Generally, I find it a lot easier to get out the door when there are constraints to work around.

Running buddy and dog walker

My husband, knowing too well, the pitfalls of procrastination urged me on and we came up with a plan for him to merge his 30 minute run with my run. To ensure a successful co-joining, I took along my Blackberry. I left the house just after 9 a.m. and ran towards High Park. Once at the park, I ran counter-clockwise on the trails. Along this short section I ran into several people I know.

As I meandered along, listening to my audio-book, I was startled by a dog and let out a little scream. I looked up and there was a former running buddy, in his civvies, telling me that he had been yelling at me to warn me that being leapt at was imminent. We had a good chuckle and I took a photo of them.
A few minutes later I ran into someone else, I stopped and told her that I am working for an organization that she used to work for. We exchanged stories, which was interesting and enlightening.

A favourite section of High Park trail

A few others, ran by and waved, notably a woman my age, who I used to run with quite a bit. I stopped, and turned but she ran on, a runner with a “train to catch”. We did the Boston marathon one year, it was her first and I remember feeling bad that she got an XL t-shirt as she is a tiny person. Too bad to get there and not have a wearable memento.

Then out to the lake and just as I spotted the assigned meeting spot, I also saw my husband pulling in with the car. He had some gatorade for me, I fueled up and then we headed west on the boardwalk to the Humber River spit.

Husband runs Humber River spit

We ran 30 minutes through the most scenic part of the run, the Palace Pier bridge, the Butterfly Garden and then the Humber River spit. We parted company and I headed east.

Inukshuk along the Butterfly Garden

At Marilyn Bell park, my BB went off and it was a message from the only friend with a blog (that I know of), wishing me a good run. I replied, telling her that I was at mile 12. Technology, isn’t it a wonder. A long distance runner need never feel lonely again.

I ran east to the turnaround point of my shorter daily runs and then home, with a stop at Starbuck’s for a total of 18 miles. WooHoo, the hardest part of my marathon training is done, it IS downhill from here until the big party a.k.a. the marathon.

Humber River spit, the beach

Marilyn Bell park, good view while checking email

The pleasure of the post-long run bath has been enhanced with the marvelous bath salts my son gave me from LUSH. I popped the final one into my bath and it was the equivalent of grand finale, fireworks display. It produced an incredibly frothy, fragrant environment, with both bath salts and bath oil combined. I’m not really the spa type but I’m definitely going to visit this store. Men, if you are looking for a gift for a woman, check out LUSH, Fresh Handmade Natural Cosmetics. I think they call this bath product, a bath bomb.

Post-run treats, latte and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from LUSH

I marvel at the contrast between exertion and then total relaxation.  In my mind the experience of relaxation is all the more intense and enjoyable because of this contrast.

Husband and son have just arrived with a Italian veal sandwich from California Sandwich.  Life is good.

Happy weekend to all!

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  1. Woohoo blog shout out! :). Glad to hear the run was successful. The starbucks/LUSH reward combo sounds lovely!

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