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Four days, 42 miles – Day 4


Ran 6 miles to the lake in the morning.  Baked a lasagna before work.  Someone at work said they heard I was running home from work 3 times this week.  I don’t mention that I also run in the morning, as I don’t want them to think I am a lunatic 🙂

Then 5 miles after work, on a treadmill at the Central Y, my husband in the other corner of the room on the elliptical trainer.

Authentic Pad Thai

Dinner at a Thai restaurant on Gloucester.  I ordered an “authentic” Pad Thai which comes wrapped in a crepe.  Then to husband’s work party at the Elephant & Castle on King.  One glass of red wine, lots of nice chats.  Home in a cab.  Set record for shortest post to date.  Time for bed.

ZZZ . . .

Husband, caught by papparazzi, leaving Elephant and Castle on King Street, 9:50 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Four days, 42 miles – Day 4

  1. In all of my Pad Thai-eating years, I have never seen it served like that. Evidently, I have been leading an inauthentic Pad Thai-eating life! 🙂

    • In spite of the authenticity of that Pad Thai, I prefer the curried Pad Thai from Spring Rolls. Although, I do look forward to the leftovers that I am about to consume as my post-run snack. That will tide me over until my husband returns home with an Italian veal sandwich.

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