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Lonely girl at a noisy restaurant

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Somehow, an email to organize a dinner date with a friend, never left my inbox.  That is how I ended up dining solo, at Fresh Restaurant at Bloor and Spadina.  I was really looking forward to seeing my former workmate, as we have not seen each other for the two months since I changed jobs.  We used to walk to North Toronto Memorial Park and lunch there.  Coincidentally, I invited a colleague at my new workplace to join me for a walk through Hogg’s Hollow.  She was charmed by the sights.

Small Buddha Bowl

I seem to dine at Fresh about once every two years.  Time enough to forget how crowded, cramped and noisy a place it is.  The waitress was very nice but the food took quite awhile to arrive.  My visit however did inspire me to revisit some of my vegetarian recipes, like tempeh, adzuki bean and hijiki seaweed salad. I ordered the small Buddha bowl and yam fries.  The yam fries were scrumptious, the Buddha bowl was tasty enough though uninspired.  I suppose that is why my mind started to wander back to my vegan days, as it occurred to me that I would rather be eating dishes I used to prepare.  Then there was Sri Wasano’s Infamous Indonesian Rice Salad from the classic, Moosewood Cookbook by Molly Katzen.  I’ve been meaning to make that salad for a couple of decades.  Maybe this will be the year.  Click HERE for the recipe.

Scumptious yam fries with garlic mayo dip

I had a very nice glass of carrot, orange and ginger juice, a reminder that I have not used my juicer in quite awhile.  My grandmother was ahead of her time in regards to nutrition.  I inherited her Acme juicer and brown rice cooker.  When I was 16 she gave me a book touting the benefits of raw juice therapy.  Naturally, I did not take much notice of this advice as a teenager.

Today was the start of my easy running week.  I ran 2 miles in the morning and that was it.  I’m feeling the time change however and will be heading to bed as soon as this is done.

I had promised more photos of Saturday evening but I can’t quite manage it.

Good night all!

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