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As promised, more on a popular topic. It has been a busy week of work and I have to say I am pretty tired. Tomorrow, I’m planning to do 21 miles again for a 70 mile week. We had dinner at our mainstay, the Bloor Street Diner, Eggs Benny, again and two glasses of sparkling wine.  I had lunch at Auberge du Pommier with the principal from my son’s former high school.  I highly recommend their Paillairde de Nicoise.


Paillarde de Nicoise

Last year when we were in Barcelona we had some extraordinary hot chocolate at Cacao Sampako.

Was that ever good!

While in Germany this fall we enjoyed some pretty good hot chocolate although I don’t remember the name of this cafe in Frankfurt.

Hot chocolate in Frankfurt

During the summer, I had a superb cacao cookie at a chocolate stand at the Art Barn farmer’s market.  Unfortunately, they seem to have packed up shop since my husband has been shopping there.

Chocolate sales, art barn

Once again, sweet dreams!

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