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The p’s and q’s of the Saturday run

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Friday, the day before the  long run. I’m hoping to run about 20 miles, which I have not done for about 2 1/2 years. Starting on Thursday, an email thread is launched to organize departure time and route.  There was a time when we met at the same time, same place every week but there is a new regime of inclusiveness and this means we are flexible.

So the plan is that I run to R’s, and then we run to B’s where we will meet D and B and J.  My husband P, will drive to B’s as he is not running nearly as far as most of us.  Some of the constraints are that D, cannot run downhill because of a bad knee.  P, has bad knees but his approach to becoming injury free is to very gradually increase the distance of his longest run, which is why he drives to B’s.

L’s agenda is to maximize the amount of time that she has company, as the longest that others will run is 90 minutes.  L is expecting to be on the road for close to 3 1/2 hours.

By some standards the group has gotten very lax in that it will actually adapt to B’s expected late Friday night outing.  The most important constraint has always been the demands of family life.  Getting back in time for family activities is a high priority on the planning agenda.

Corner table at Bloor Street Diner

Corner table at Bloor Street Diner

As for us, with the temporary empty nest, we usually celebrate the end of the work week by eating out.  Most often at the Bloor street diner in the Manulife centre.  On Friday, I often have two glasses of sparkling wine, which I sometimes regret as I ready myself for the run the next morning.  We both had eggs Benedict and I fueled up with a mascaparone lemon meringue cake.

Friday carbo-load

Hoping for good weather tomorrow morning, a deer sighting in Mt. Pleasant and wishing all a relaxing evening!

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