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Out and about, running and otherwise

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Did a double-workout on Monday which made for a busy day with fitting in a workout and a vote, post-work.

Tuesday, we went to the BELL LIGHTBOX for the York University student film awards.  A friend of our son’s was one of 22 finalists out of 176 entrants.  Last year, he won 3 awards, however in spite of no awards won this year, his poignant film, Plants Out of the Sunlight was picked by the jurors to be part of the evening’s 9 showpiece films.  The film is about “”an Asian immigrant, working at a sewing factory who longs for a connection with her 23 year old son”.  The film captures with precision, sensitivity and nuance, a timeless story of displacement and its impact on parental hopes and longing.  Extraordinary.  I hope this young man gets to make a feature film one day.

Up and coming filmmakers

The venue itself is an event in itself with a new Oliver and Bonancini Cafe on the ground floor, the Blackberry Cafe on the second floor, multiple theatres with plush seats and a power packed line up of films.

Another new OB Cafe = Bell Lightbox Location

Papparazzi catch my husband outside Bell Lightbox, getting into a taxi enroute to the Emmett Ray

The list of 100 Essential Films is a democratic concoction of “bests”.  Two of my personal faves made the list, Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar and Ugetsu Monigatari by Mizoguchi.  I own copies of both these films and with persistent enthusiasm, regularly insist on lending them to friends For a great evening out, don’t delay, check out BELL LIGHTBOX.  I’ve added the link to my blogroll.  We were in high spirits so we made a stop at our local bar, The Emmett Ray for a nightcap and got to bed, at a very-late-for-us, post 11 p.m.

Today, Wednesday, I met two former workmates for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Yorkville.  One friend is about to embark on the incredible journey, the journey of parenthood.  She is due on November 6th.

Friend 1 and friend 2 at the RCM

I conducted a mini-walking tour past the ROM, Varsity track and through the newly renovated RCM.  We picked up schedules for Koerner Hall.   I’ve seen a couple of shows there, Penderecki Plus and a Serbian Choir. The acoustics at  Koerner Hall are rated higher than the opera house.  We have tickets to see the music of Arvo Part and Murray Schaeffer performed on November 7th.  I’ve also posted Koerner Hall on my blogroll for your convenience 🙂

So having done the usual morning run, I’m feeling a bit beat now and will head to bed.

Bon soir!

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  1. Had a great time with you and Friend 1 tonight! 🙂

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