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Saturday long run day

My husband has been able to join us for a small portion of the run for the past few weeks and this week stayed with us for 25 minutes.  He is hopeful that his new orthotics will speed up his recovery along with a routine of weights, stretching and strengthening exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist.  He no longer jokes about knee surgery, so this is good news.

I ran about 16 miles and shortly after returning home, took a hot bath, had a couple of bowls of mini-wheats and then a latte, courtesy of my husband.  Hot baths post-long-run are tricky as I sometimes fall asleep in the bathtub and it is difficult to gear up for the day.  I confessed to my husband that I felt the need for a nap and in spite of the whack of Thanksgiving related chores on our list, he graciously acquiesced to a nap.  So I napped to the drone of the vacuum as my husband took care of this previously assigned chore.

A couple of hours later I woke, and feeling very drowsy, announced my hunger.  “Would milady like some scrambled eggs?”  She sure would.  Sympathy abounded in the next few hours but ended abruptly with the start of the football game.  Ah well but I do give thanks for those hours of coddling.  Thanks to my honey.

p.s.  The Riders lost but he is getting over it.


Kitten rescue squad, St. Joseph's Island, ON - August


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