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Fine fall day

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Lake Ontario, October 8, 2010 - 6:45 a.m.


My fine fall day started with the usual run to the lake.  I listened to Renee Fleming’s Dark Horse a collection of Indie hits sung by the illustrious soprano.  I heard in the spring that she is coming to Toronto, however it is a weekend that I will be out of town.  Last visit, my son and I went to see her on an evening which saw her perform 7 encores, including a rendition of Summertime.  As dawn blushed upon the lake, I was there with my camera.


Lake Ontario, October 8, 2010, 6:45 a.m.


On my way to work I saw another special sight, a young man playing the Chinese table harp.


Busker playing Chinese table harp at Yonge station


Emerging from the underground at York Mills I notice that the fall colours are developing nicely. It is too bad that Yonge street at that point becomes more like a mini-highway, and is not a very pleasant pedestrian experience.  However, I was looking forward to an exploratory walk at lunch after getting a glimpse of calmer streets tucked away in a southerly corner of this intersection yesterday.

At lunch I headed for the Hogg’s Hollow area, the southeast quadrant of the York Mills-Yonge intersection.  I walked for an hour and felt as though I was in a small town such as Howth, Ireland which I was reminded of.  We traveled to Ireland a couple of years back and enjoyed a pleasant day in Howth, which is just south of Dublin.  My husband was intrigued by this hitherto unknown neighbourhood and we plan to go back for a walk soon.  With nearly 65 years of running under our joint belts, we find ourselves surprised to know there is a scenic route in the city that we have not run through.


Hogg's Hollow a village in the city



Welcome to Hogg's Hollow



Fall garden in Hogg's Hollow








It was a fine day indeed but a long week, after many days or rising early, I’ll bring my post to a halt and allow myself the liberty of jumping from my reference to Howth to the memory of a much-enjoyed glass of Guinness in Dublin with a photo memory of that.

Happy fine, fall day and to all a good night!


Guinness Factory Dublin


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