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More work, more miles, more together time

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Work gets very busy for my husband at this time of year. Through the years, we have come to recognize the importance of making time together a top priority. Otherwise, it is easy for two people, both naturally independent, to live together as “married singles”.

We ran three miles together before work, just the right amount for my husband and his troubled knee but not quite far enough for me. He had to work late so I went to the Central YMCA after work and did my tempo run on the treadmill. As his workplace is just down the street from the YMCA, I met him there afterward, and we hopped on the streetcar, together.

January 2010 - Hiking in Snow Canyon, St. George, Utah

This plan worked especially well because leftovers were waiting for us at home. Voila, more miles, more work and 1 hour together, that we would not otherwise have had on that type of day.

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