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Nicole Stevenson, coach

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A few weeks back while running through Mt.Pleasant cemetery I was greeted cheerfully from afar by Nicole Stevenson. Assembled before her was a group of 10-12 very fit looking young women. This was the same run on which we saw a deer and once again I had cause to regret having left my camera behind. To see this previous post, This is what happens when you leave the camera behind, just click on it.  Yes, we really did see a young buck in the cemetery!  And then, this group of fleet-footed young women.

Today we ran past Nicole and two charges.  I stopped and asked if they had time for a photo to which she said yes.  Then she mentioned that they had 50 seconds as they were in the rest portion of their speed session.  Off they went but we caught up to them once again, on their rest portion.  I made a hasty introduction of my running buddy and she suggested that we get a photo of her and I.

Nicole Stevenson and U of T track mentees

The topic of why there is such a dearth of female coaches is a library section in itself but suffice to say, I’m thrilled to see that an athlete of Nicole’s calibre, good heartedness and grace is leading the way as a distance running coach.  Bravo!  She is now associated with the University of Toronto Track Club.  However, one cannot talk about coaching and Nicole and not mention Hugh Cameron, her former coach who also coached Sylvia Ruegger who still holds the Canadian marathon record for women. Nicole’s personal best for the marathon is a world-class 2:32 and one of the all-time top times for women.

Her website www.nicolestevenson.ca


Friends reconnected in the cemetery


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