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Good luck to young cross-country runners

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Daughters of one of my Saturday run group are taking part in elementary school cross-country races at Ashbridge’s Bay in the Beach. Good luck to them.

Something I learned from my many years of coaching is that most kids aren’t thinking about winning a medal but rather worry about finishing last.  We had a special award for last-place finishes which only was claimed once.   Making it to the start line is where the attitude of a champion begins.  Another thing I have learned is that most people are good losers but in fact it is a challenge to be a gracious winner at times.

This photo records the year that Dewson elementary upset John Ross Robertson, the perennial victors in the Boys 7 & under category at the City Finals.  Coaching a team of 80 or more runners is much more nerve-wracking than running one’s own race.

I have wonderful memories of my many years of coaching including my participation in the races as the “rabbit”.  Sure wish I had photos of being pursued by over 200 boys age 8 and up for 100 meters, wondering whether I would be overtaken, only to have the whole crew run out of steam and run far more slowly, for the remaining 800 meters of the race distance.   Pace yourselves girls.

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