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Spring Things

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In 2008 our front yard crocus blossomed on April 5th and in 2009 it blossomed on March 21st.  In spite of this late arriving spring, the crocus blossomed a bit earlier than these years, flowering just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Early arrival of crocus.

I’ve been sporadically recording the dates of when things bloom since 2005.   I expect to see periwinkle and forsythia in early to mid-April with many others to follow shortly after.   We planted some snowdrops in the fall of 2009 and only ONE came up.  I had planned to plant more last fall but got lazy or busy or something like that.   Another sign of spring is that babies come out of hiding.

Yesterday I was quite stiff after my Thursday night workout and were it not for the three errands I could do on my run, might have taken a day off.  I ran three miles with a very clipped stride, first to drop off a baby gift, then to the post office and finally to the bank.  I ended my run at Starbuck’s, ordering a triple-venti-whole milk-vanilla latte.

Barely three weeks old!

Given my near hobble yesterday, I was well pleased to feel fairly comfortable running 14 miles this morning. It bodes well that my body is bouncing back from a hard workout in 48 hours. The pace for the run was relatively slow but good enough at this point in my training. A big surprise was the runnable condition of the beltline. For the Toronto runner, that may be one of the top five signs that spring is around the corner.

One thought on “Spring Things

  1. Flowering crocus and babies — ‘Tis Spring at last! Henry has definitely come out of hiding. We go for one or two walks a day. He loves his stroller and always falls asleep in it. If that isn’t motivation for a new mom to exercise, I don’t know what is!

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