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Back to the Track

Indoor Track – 3000 Meters – 2003?

I haven’t felt really perky this last week following my speed workout at U of T. And in the last leg of my 14.5 miles on Saturday I stumbled while running down Christie street and pitched forward completely sliding on my hands along the sidewalk. I was able to pick myself up and continue running but I had a bit of stiffness afterwards from the jolt. Then yesterday I did a bit of gardening which I find very hard on the lower back so this morning I was feeling quite stiff. When I hit the cold morning air, I decided to head straight for the treadmill at the YMCA where I did a very slow five miler.

My thoughts are coming together on the marathon I’m supposed to be training for. I’ve been doing a lot of research but have been unable to come up with a stand-in for Boston. I considered the London marathon but that sold out ages ago. I’m pumped for Boston 2012, and New York 2011 so I’m on the verge of deciding that I’ll start my training for the fall NOW and skip the spring marathon. The next 7 weeks are going to be crazy with gala work, so I won’t be in great shape this spring anyhow so fall marathon here I come.

A part of the decision to skip a spring marathon will be committing to regular speedwork with the Masters group at U of  T. For the first time in my life, I’m finding it hard to increase my mileage and increase the quality of my workouts in tandem. With the longer build-up I can take my time to get some speed back and then start building my mileage. So there you have it, my short-term goal. The medium term goal will be to run some shorter distance races once I get a bit of speed back. If things go well, maybe I’ll even do some outdoor track.

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Thoughts, Prayers & Thanks

I am grateful to the many individuals who have inquired as to whether I have relatives affected by the tsunami in Japan and add these thoughts to their kind inquiries and words.

May this natural disaster and true human tragedy become an invitation for us to enter into the ongoing work of reaching out to the poor and those in need and seeing in their face and in their need the face of love.

May we say “Yes” to this invitation to practice the spiritual works of mercy. May this human tragedy become an occasion of grace and invitation to love.

Blessings to all, particularly those who are suffering through the hardships of natural disaster and political oppression.