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50 Hard, 50 Easy x 20-25

Like last week, my Tuesday running plan was to take the long way home from work, i.e. the 7 mile route, rather than the 1 mile route.  Just before noon I found out that I had to go to Avenue Road and Lawrence to do a presentation so I left earlier than planned and enjoyed the 7 miles with 5 X 5 minutes at marathon and tempo pace.

I had a couple of hours to regroup at home and then off to work, again.  The trip there was super-speedy and I arrived 35 minutes early.  I’m a person who likes to be on time.  The meeting and presentation went well and then I had an extremely slow trip south.  To compound the situation after getting off the Avenue Road bus I got on the northbound subway and went back to Lawrence station.  Aargh!  It was a good thing that I had the leftovers from my Japanese meal last night for breakfast.  I was stuffed when I got to work but it staved off hunger until after my run.  I had a very early dinner but on my long slow trip home resorted to eating chocolate eggs purchased for the annual Easter egg hunt for my 23 year old son.  Will he be angry that I’ve gone public with this?  He subscribes to my blog but claims to rarely read it.

I think I’m starting to feel a bit of perkiness from the two speed sessions over the past two weeks.  I’m planning to hit the track on Thursday when we will be racing round the 200 meter oval in this way.  Sprint the straights and walk the curve, this is called 50 hard,  50 easy.  I thought this meant 50 seconds so I’m glad I asked for clarification from coach Paul and found out that the straights are roughly 50 meters.  We are supposed to aim for 20-25 times around the track.  I’ll likely aim for 15-20.

I may even wear my racing flats for this.  Now where are they??!  I’m getting excited about this.

My New Balance Racing Flats are very similar to these!