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House of basketball


If you have been following my blog and do not know my family you may not be able to guess that running is NOT the sport about which the majority of my family feels most passionate.  Our house has sometimes shaken from the 1st to 3rd  floor when a bad call has been made against the Toronto Raptors.

Basketballs, a difficult home decor concept

Last night I met my husband at a new restaurant-brew pub called The Three Brewers at the end of his staff holiday party. I enjoyed my short foray through Dundas Square, Toronto’s Times Square wannabe which was filled with shoppers and party goers.

From there we went to the Air Canada Centre to see the Raptors face the Bulls, arriving late and missing the intros, which I love.  I’m very sad that Chris Bosh is no longer a Raptor 😦  But happy that he broke Vince Carter’s franchise record for points scored.

Chris Bosh’s parting message to the Raptors on his website was : “know that this was my toughest decision, mostly because Toronto has been so great to me. I’ve loved every minute here and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Raptors…” Sad . . .

A freebie

The bad news last night was that Andrea Bargnani was not playing, the good news was that we got Andrea Bargnani bobble heads and the bad news is that the Raptors got slaughtered by the Chicago Bulls.  For the record, I have seen the Bulls play at the United Centre back in 2006 when I ran the Chicago marathon.  (I miss Dennis Rodman and his loose and limber running style.) I have also seen the Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors play in Oakland.  And, for the record, I was jet lagged and fell asleep during the game, an incident upon which the mention of is guaranteed to arose indignation from my son.  I think one of my strengths as a runner is the ability to fall asleep anywhere when tired. As Bruce Kidd says, “Sleep, the wonder drug.”  On that topic, did I mention that I fell asleep at the performance of A Year With Frog and Toad on Sunday?

Sadly the entertainment was mainly in the hoopla created by the mascot, the dance pack and the various games and giveaways. A brief surge of baskets in the late-fourth quarter was all the excitement the Raptors could muster.

Here is one highlight.

Raptor's mascot, soaring over snowman to score a basket

The photo of the Raptor’s mascot was taken with my Blackberry.  I just received my camera battery and charger via Fedex this afternoon.  It was left behind in our hotel room in San Francisco hence the rather indistinct image of game action.

Defence, defence . . . come on Rappies, let’s go!

5 thoughts on “House of basketball

  1. Your ability to fall asleep anywhere must have come in handy when your son was a baby! If only I could sneak in some daytime naps…I just can’t seem to fall asleep!

  2. You are right in that I was able to successfully nap in the day when my son napped. I can’t imagine not being able to sleep. Is it possible that you start thinking about all the things you can get done while he is sleeping?

    • Yes, this is just it! There is always something to do when my arms are FINALLY free. I have tried napping when he does, but he usually wakes up before I’ve fallen asleep. It’s more painful than not getting any sleep at all!

  3. I don’t think it was the Sacramento Kings in Oakland – Sacramento plays in Sacramento 😛

    The team you saw (I think) was the Golden State Warriors, they play in Oracle Arena which is considered by a decent chunk of fans to be the loudest arena in the NBA. Just another notch in your belt of sleeping prowess….

  4. LOL – I’ll change the team name on the post. Thanks!

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