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Rain or shine?

I ran 10 minutes this morning just to stay loose.  After work, I went for a shiatsu massage appointment only to find out that the masseuse was ill and that a message to relay this news had been left at my home.  Argh!  Looks like I won’t be getting a pre-marathon massage.  I’ve been avoiding alcohol all week and eating well.  I’m at a reasonable racing weight of 106 pounds and from now until the race is over will avoid the scale.

Tonight I started packing and created a spreadsheet to figure out what gear to pack.  It is hard to travel light for a marathon run in transitional weather with choices for rain or shine.  It is tedious business trying to figure out what to wear for a marathon and subject of much discussion among marathoners the night before the race.

0C – 5C 5C-10C 10C-15C
Top vest-long sleeve vest-t-shirt cap sleeves
Bottom 3/4 tights bike shorts short shorts
Top Rain goretex jacket-long sleeve goretex vest-t-shirt black vest
Bottom Rain 3/4 tights bike shorts short shorts
Other gloves gloves arm warmers

Lacking inspiration and needing to get in a good night’s sleep, I bid adieu with a favourite racing photo from a sequence by a John C. who will soon be kicking off his own blog.

Will I look this tired at the end of the marathon?