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Eat, pray, sleep

When you run, your heart sings the freedom that surrounds you, and rejoices in the changing seasons of your fleeing life . . . When you race, you live your life to the fullest, and bring death to your inhibitions and fears.  It is in racing that you witness the rebirth of your spirit and soul.

Kamal Jabbour

A tip when on the road, the day or two before a marathon is to be self-sufficient and take along a good supply of food.  This is not the time to go hungry wandering around a foreign locale, skipping or delaying meals as you try to figure out where to EAT. I usually pack at least three cream cheese and lox sandwiches as they keep well and have a good mix of carbs and protein.  Roughly 48 hours before the marathon, I try and consume a lot of  carbohydrates.

Alfahors (cookies), a favourite way to carbo-load

Alfahors (cookies), a favourite way to carbo-load

Another key item is the very important SLEEP, not the night before but two nights before the race.  Make sure to factor in at least eight hours of sleep, working back from the time you plan to rise on marathon morning.  I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. on Friday night.

I had pasta for dinner on Friday and Saturday.  On Saturday I enjoyed the hotel breakfast buffet.  I also drank copious amounts of gatorade’s G4 beverage.  And of course, alcohol is to be avoided for a number of reasons including its detrimental effect on REM sleep.

Pre-marathon pasta, Friday dinner

Breakfast buffet, Saturday, first course

Breakfast buffet, Saturday, second course

Final carbo load, pasta dinner, Saturday night

My husband’s complaint about this pre-marathon eating phase is that he too carbo loads but without the chance to unload!

Most importantly, I PRAY and give thanks for a strong and healthy body and all the good fortune that enables me to make it to the start line.