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Caffeine intervention required

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Again, awake at 3:30 a .m.   We will have to head to Starbuck’s this evening for a doppio espresso after dinner so I can stay up until 9:30 p.m.  Surprisingly, I’m not feeling tired at work, which is good given that I am only 2 1/2 weeks into the job.

My lower back is feeling a lot better.  I did a light run on the treadmill at the YMCA, some stretching and then a bit more running, followed by a whirlpool bath.  Leaving the Y, I almost felt 100% but then all the sitting at work and it is a bit tight again.  Allow me to stress that this falls into the category of an under use injury and highlights the crippling effect of inactivity.  Although in hindsight, I have been neglecting stretching and am forgetting that I am not immune from the stiffness that comes with aging.

As we descend back to workaday reality and struggle to get our dinner on the table, memories of some remarkable meals we enjoyed are savoured.  In Munich, we dined at Käfer-Schänke an elegant eatery which seems to be part of a Munich catering-dining empire, the Oliver & Bonancini of Munich.  It was the most glamourous evening of our stay as we dined with a couple of friends, one of whom attended Michigan State on a track scholarship.  Spirits were high and I ended my dinner with the following dessert  CREAM BRÛLÉE / Tahiti Vanille / süßes Muskat-Kürbiskompott / / Tahiti vanilla / sweet nutmeg pumpkin compote //  Tonkabohneneis / Grué de cacao / / Tonka bean / Grue de cacao

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