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Rubber Soles

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I’ll be taking 3 pairs of shoes on my trip, all of which are comfortable because of the rubber in their soles.

  1. One of my current New Balance running shoes, the 758 model, a lighter weight training shoe which weighs 10 ounces and is currently on sale, $40 off
  2. My work shoes, which are comfortable enough for a few hours of sustained walking and which I’ll wear to the opera.
  3. My trusty Blundstones which are great for running up sand dunes.  There’s a photo of the dune-running on the EXERTION tab of my blog. I also ran a few miles in them earlier this year when I had forgotten my running shoes on a trip to ‘Tofino.  Those boots are a story in themselves which I’ll save for another time.

How fortuitous that within seconds of seeking the right spot in my living room to photograph my shoes, I came upon the perfect prop, my husband’s framed Rubber Soul record album.  I wonder what the story is behind that name.

Be good to your feet!

Rubber Soles for foot health

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