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One of the ways to increase mileage is to run twice a day.  So, the fun part of the running day is my very, very easy 3 miler, a warm-up for the track work this evening.  My goal today, is to run a total of 9-10 miles.  Since I am off work this week, I can run later than usual and I time my run to the hours of the Crumpler bag store on Queen Street West.  With the upcoming trip, (4 stops in 9 days) I am need to be a lean and mean traveling machine.  My current bag, a Samsonite, has been a disappointment.  I viewed this purchase as a bit of an investment and the returns, well the wheels have expired after 3 years.  Warranties for luggage, rarely cover wheels as that is considered “wear and tear”.Destination Crumpler

So I did some research and read that these Crumpler bags are well-regarded but that they are not cheap and are never marked down.  Anyhow, it is easier to get out the door with a destination in mind so I thought I’d run by the store to have a look. En route, I drop off a long-overdue graduation gift to the daughter of a cousin, a book of William Blake prints, purchased at the Tate a year and a half ago.  The graduate, studied art and film and is about to enter a masters program in film criticism at U of T, a new program I hear.

IKEA stool $5 at the Royal, assembly included

Then south to Queen street where I spot an IKEA stool at a second-hand store called The Royal.  I tell the salesperson that I’ll come by on the return leg of my run to pick it up.  I have a similar IKEA stool already and it works well as a step stool, which is a useful item when you are 5 feet 1 1/2 inches.

In the past, while shopping-on-the-run  on Queen street I have had been subject to dismissive treatment  by oh-too-cool sales clerks.  In order to appear more shopper-like I wear as a “salute” to Queen street, a black running skirt and black running top with a zip front.  I’m heartened to see that many of the bags have been marked down and that the very expensive suitcase I am interested in is 40% off AND you get a $100 voucher for your next purchase.

As my son needs a bag suitable for a RIM intern, and the zipper on my backpack recently broke, one of us can use the $100 voucher, I take the plunge and buy the bag and the clerk is agrees to hold until my son or husband can pick it up today or tomorrow.

40% off & $100 voucher

I figure that the internet research and shopping-while-running has saved me at least 3-4 four hours and translates into the time it takes to run 20-30 miles.  I reverse my direction on Queen Street and stop at the Royal where I am greeted with enthusiasm.  Since they are not able to give me change for my large bill, I’m told to take the orange stool and drop the money by some other time.  I tell them that I usually run early in the morning and the guy says, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll get it to us sometime.”  I thank him and tell him that I’ll post a photo of the store on my blog.  This blog is becoming quite a conversation piece.

So I run up Dovercourt carrying a stool.  My husband would never do such a thing.  I recall the time we rented a carpet steam cleaner and I pulled the wheeled machine along with my scarf.  He found that embarrassing.  Is this related to the sock-pocket, a gender thing? (see previous blog, Fluids on the run, a tip)  I get honked at and see that it is a running buddy, I haven’t seen for awhile though we have been trying to reconnect for a run.  So we make a date for next Friday and he offers a drive, which I decline.  I take his photo and ask his permission to post it on the blog.  Making it the the third person I’ve mentioned my blog to on this very short run.

Caught running with a stool by a running buddy

I finish this 3 mile adventure at Starbuck’s with my trademark “fatty latty” and the purchase of 12 VIA instant coffee packets, which will be the first thing that gets packed into my new Crumpler suitcase.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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