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A move to Kitchener-Waterloo

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An hour run down to the lake, ending at the local cheese store to buy pain au chocolat and raisin croissants.  Then we hit the road to help our son settle in to his new home in K-W.  So, I spend the day waiting for the internet installer, reassemble a futon couch and a bed and dine on cold pizza, leftover from the post-move pizza party.  With little time to think about blogging, I’ll end the day with a quote, one which I’ll have to keep in mind when I hit the track tomorrow evening.

When you run, your heart sings the freedom that surrounds you, and rejoices in the changing seasons of your fleeing life . . . When you race, you live your life to the fullest, and bring death to your inhibitions and fears.  It is in racing that you witness the rebirth of your spirit and soul.

Kamal Jabbour

p.s.  As an antidote to the cold pizza, I dined Alaskan on king crab in the evening.

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