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A Bit of Cortisone for the Road

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Today was a big day for my husband.  Finally, he had his appointment with a orthopeadic surgeon to get the scoop on his torn meniscus.  The doc seemed to favour continued physiotherapy for his 3 year-long battle with knee pain.  I think my husband was hoping he would suggest that a quick fix of arthoscopic surgery would do the trick and after a bit of healing up he’d be back at it.  Not so as ambiguity lingers on.

The doctor gave him a shot of cortisone to reduce inflammation to provide some temporary relief but what lies ahead?  More physiotherapy it seems but now the therapist will have the benefit of the MRI of his knee.  Can it be that my husband will never run another marathon?   Sad, very sad . . .

Too Much Information - Portrait of My Husband's Torn Meniscus

As for me, I ran three miles on the treadmill to take it easy in case I decide to go to the track tomorrow.  I met a former workmate for dinner at Carole’s Cheesecake in Yorkville and then we walked about 2.5 miles before she hopped on the subway and I walked a couple of blocks home.  That felt quite good as I indulged in half a piece of pistachio cheesecake, in addition to a large pecan square at a work meeting.   I have officially given up, giving up sweets for Lent and am ashamed of my feeble intent.  I have however done better with my resolve to limit alcohol consumption.

I had not seen this friend for almost seven months!  We discussed the possibility of taking a course together at OCAD.  I see a pattern emerging – to increase the odds of regular liaisons, work together, run together, take a course together or sit on the People4Kids gala committee.

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