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Some are in Spain, Others in California

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But I am in Toronto and like everyone else in Toronto, waiting for spring or at least the promise of spring to arrive.  My husband spotted these crocus making their way towards the sun on our front lawn.

Friends in the neighbourhood have chosen a fantastic time to be away and are enjoying the legendary Spanish sun. They sent photos of the Barcelona Marathon, likely taken while sipping wine or enjoying a latte. These friends have let us know that they have watched and admired us through the years, going out for our runs but have never felt compelled to run themselves.

Barcelona Marathon - Seen by Toronto Tourists (Rick M.)

One of our Saturday run regulars responded promptly to the regular Are-you-running? email with news that he is in California and had to apply a second coat of sunscreen.

Let’s be happy for all those Torontonians who are away in sunny places to enjoy a wonderful preview of spring and summer!  And another cheer for runners who need wet sponges to cool off a bit.

We visited Spain a couple of years ago in late-May. Retiro Park in Madrid is a fabulous place to run.  We were one block away and this park feels fairly safe for a lone female. Barcelona, especially the Gothic quarter is a place to take great care while walking or running.  Barcelona was named the pickpocket capital of the world by Trip Advisor. Gaudi’s Guell Park seemed to be a favourite with runners and although it is quite a climb to get there I would definitely like to run there should I visit again.

Sponges for overheated runners. (Rick M.)

But back to reality, I left the house with a base layer of shorts and singlet should I decide to run indoors, under my lined wind pants and a Gore-Tex jacket.  I ran past the YMCA and decided that the this was a day when the owners of Gore-Tex, waterproof pants would feel the purchase justified.  I could not bear the thought of clingy wet, pants so did my short three miler on the treadmill.  Oh mister sun, sun . . . and I promise to clean up the garden and front yard on the first sunny day.

Memories of Sunshine - Plaza Mayor, Madrid, 2009

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