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Running in the Winter Rain


It wasn’t until I took a hot shower a couple of hours after my run this morning that I warmed up.  Brrr . . .  winter rain, nothing like it.  Rainy weather in the transition months of March and November can make for some miserable runs.

So what to wear on days like this?  There is a big difference between running more than an hour in this weather.  After an hour or so water repellency and even waterproof  Gore-Tex begins to break down.  The temperature upon leaving home at 7 a.m. was +3C with a 9K southerly wind.

Gore-Tex membrane under an electron microscope. Size of islands about 10µm.

This was my cold rain gear of choice:  ball cap, long-sleeve wicking top, Gore-Tex jacket, 3/4 capri tights under single-layer warm-pants, ankle socks and Gore-Tex mittens.  This was comfortable enough for the first rainy hour but eventually my mitts were soaked and I had to head back into the south wind and my hands got so cold that I could barely manage to unzip my pocket to find my key.

As I write this my husband reminds me that I rushed into the bedroom this morning, waking him with the news, that “It’s a mess out there!” He says I’m losing my nerve for facing the elements.  And, he’s probably right.  I think my diminishing resolve is due in part to the absence of a solid spring running goal but I’m working on that. I sent an email to my Saturday run pals warning them that I may only run half of what I had planned.  In the end, I ran 10 miles, four miles short of the pre-rain plan.

My reward for 10 miles in the rain was a bowl of Canadian Colada Oatmeal a tribute to my favourite Booster Juice smoothie, The Canadian Colada.  I wonder if anyone has ever made oatmeal with coconut milk, pineapple bits and shredded coconut, topped with maple syrup, pecans and cow’s milk?  It wasn’t bad but I think I have some work to do on the proportion of ingredients.

As for Booster Juice, three cheers and hip, hip, hooray and a carrot juice toast.  Booster Juice has agreed to be one of the People4Kids gala sponsors!

Canadian Colada Oatmeal

4 thoughts on “Running in the Winter Rain

  1. Canadian Colada oatmeal sounds delicious. Please share the recipe once it’s fine-tuned!

    And congrats on the Booster Juice sponsor! Next time I’m near a Booster Juice, I shall partake as a thank-you (I know, what a sacrifice! lol)

  2. Thanks for your kinds comments. The recipe so far is, 3/4 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup water, 2 tablespoons shredded coconut, 1/2 cup chopped pineapple, 1/2 cup oatmeal, dash of vanilla, 2 tablespoons chopped pecans and maple syrup to taste.

    The above did not seem coconutty enough. I’m not sure how many calories this is.

  3. you’re braver than I was yesterday…I sat inside and did everything BUT go for a run in the rain 😉

    • Yes, the not-running-at all option was considered but I had made a commitment to meet others. Were this not the case, I would probably have run on the treadmill. As I write, I realize that I have not missed a day of running in 2011. Missed days of blogging = 4.

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