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To race or not to race . . .

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Something funny happened on our Saturday run.  Four of us decided that we may take part in an informal race.  To those unfamiliar with our running group ethic, this may not seem strange or funny however one characteristic of this running group is that I am the only one who races these days and we don’t talk about running a whole lot.

The idea started when I joined forces with “D” to convince “R” that as the youngster in the group, a bit of fast running might be good for his character.  “R” was reticent and said he would agree, only if all five of us were to race.  “D” and I, knowing full well that convincing “B” who has recently come down with a case of knee-moania was a non-starter, suggested this was a bad faith approach.  He then offered that if “B” agreed to watch the race, he would do it.  A funny idea that.  Again, “D” and I persisted and finally got “R” to agree that if “J” was willing, he was in.  This discussion took place as the three of us were headed towards “J”s house.

Smart Men & One Fast Woman

Barely passed the hellos, we quizzed “J” who immediately said, “Sure, I guess this is my chance to be humiliated.”  Anyhow, sometime this winter at a indoor track, at an informal race, that has been going on every Friday for over three decades, four of us may take the plunge and race two miles alongside (or against) each other.  Stay tuned.

I am curious to see what “B” who was out of town on Saturday, thinks of this.  Given the learned background of my running mates, perhaps I will be privy to a discussion of whether Plato or Aristotle would condone or condemn our planned course of action.  As for the bets, I’m told they are on ME —  but I’m not as fit as past years, and I’m not sure if I would put my money on an aging filly over a two mile sprint.

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