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Dylan Wykes upset winner of the California International Marathon

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Congratulations Dylan Wykes!

Leading from start to finish, Dylan Wykes carried the day and is in good position to make the 2012 Olympic team. CLICK HERE for local coverage of the CIM. “On the women’s side, defending champion Buzunesh Deba, 23, of Ethiopia won easily in 2:32:13. She finished 5 minutes 20 seconds ahead of runner-up Erin Moeller, 33, of Mt. Vernon, Iowa.”

As for my race, I was surprised to find my name mentioned in the context of a report on “seasoned athletes” at the CIM. CLICK HERE TO VIEW It was not an expression I had ever heard to describe masters athletes so I had a bit of a chuckle.

Dylan Wykes a Canadian, winner of the CIM in 2:12:39, 150 yards from the finish line

I was a co-presenter with Dylan Wyke’s mentor-coach, Steve Boyd at the Ottawa Marathon race expo in 2005. Steve holds umpteen Canadian masters records and also has a doctorate, I think it is in the history of political thought from Queen’s University. Our presentation was about training as a masters runner. Shortly after that I wrote an article on Steve Boyd which is somewhere on the hard drive of an old computer. I hope to retrieve this one day (so many things to do, so little time) and post it on my blog.  Below are three photos from the California International Marathon awards ceremony.

Defending champion Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia accepts her award.

A happy but tired Dylan Wykes at awards ceremony.

Out of focus but happy, "seasoned athlete".


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