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To Oktoberfest and back

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Circuit training in Olympic park

Back in Frankfurt, after a couple of days in Munich.  Munich during Octoberfest is extremely expensive.  We stayed out by the Olympic Park at a Four Points Sheraton which is like a giant Village-by-the-Grange. The plus side was the we were right in the Olympic park and the running was superb.  Although, lack of familiarity with pit stops seems to be having an impact on how far from home base I want to run. My longest run so far has been 30 minutes.

I did run to the Olympic stadium and did a stair workout and yesterday did push-ups.  I am up to 4 full-body push-ups with 21 knee push-ups.

Stairs in Olympic stadium

Later in the day I made it to the official Oktoberfest site which was like a giant amusement park with large beer halls. Very strange, especially for someone who has lived in Toronto for more than half her life and never gone to the EX. I am not fond of wandering in crowded areas.

Team Bavaria

In the beer hall I spot a group of young men around the same age as my son, dressed team-style in Bavarian gear. I try to imagine my part-German son in this costume.

I used to be vegan (long story)

Beer and Pretzel

Apple Strudel

I missed lunch due to getting lost many times.  The spoke like, city-plan turns any small wrong turn into a much larger trajectory of going in the wrong direction. So, I partake of the traditional sauerkraut, sausage, apple strudel and giant pretzel all of which are quite tasty.

The afternoon ended with a long nap. I can count on one hand the times I have had a drink before 5 p.m. One of those times was with Ed Whitlock, two days before one of his record setting marathons. Ed loves a good bottle of wine. There’s a story for another day.

Ein prosit!

Pretzel sales

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