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Hello, Goodbye – Sixteen Miles on a Saturday

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I was feeling quite apprehensive about pulling off this long run due to some incredibly humid weather earlier this week, mileage and quality increases and weight work yesterday.  I had missed the last three Saturdays with my regular group and hoped for their company however I wanted to optimize the conditions for making it through at least 15 miles.

Saturday runners

Those Saturday Guys

One member of the Saturday group is heading off to France for a year and has rented his home to a runner from Holland.  So the run today was both a farewell and a welcome.  In the flurry of emails to plan this run, I tried to suggest that the ideal plan would be to run down to the lake.  Admittedly, the plan was a bit complicated and involved car transport for three of the runners but my survival instincts begged for the following; 1) minimal exposure to vehicular traffic 2) the cooling breezes of Lake Ontario 3) a flat route. I geared up mentally to run to our rendezvous point, meet the new guy, say goodbye to “R” then head off on my lonesome down to the lake.

On arriving at our meeting spot I was reminded that the Caribana parade which takes place by the lakeshore is today. This is one of two weekends of the year when running by the lake is to be avoided, the other is the weekend of the Molson Indy.  Thankfully, the humidity had lifted this morning and running uptown was not too bad.

I ran with the group for about 9 miles and then reversed directions on the beltline to run solo in order to ensure I’d hit my mileage target.  I ran over 16 miles at a brisker- than-usual pace on a hillier than planned for route.  The pace was faster than our usual due to the presence of an ailing 2:35 marathoner.   With 4 miles to go I sent an email to my husband to order my post-long-run latte.

Glen Cedar Road

Bridge at Glen Cedar Road - Four miles to go, time to order that latte

Tomorrow, I’ll run 5 miles to get to my 55 mile target for this week.  I’m feeling pretty good about my training this past month and encouraged by the ease of the run today.  I feel fine!

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