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Balfour Books, A SALE! (continued)

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So what did I buy in my 10 minute browse through the sale, thinking (mistakenly) that I’d be back the next day.  About a decade ago, I did a major book purge, and discovered that books of poetry held up very well as keepers.  So, I went straight to the poetry section and bought . . .

Balfour Books, poetry sale

  • Joy Kogawa’s “A Choice of Dreams” (1974) & “Jericho Road” (1977)
  • A biography of Byron by Benita Eisler
  • “Curve Away from Stillness, Science Poems” by John Allman
  • “HONKU, The Zen Antidote to Road Rage” by Aaron Naparstek
  • “The Ancient Olympics, A History” by Nigel Spivey

I bought the book of science poems, thinking it might contain overarching, poetic expressions of my blog name.   I’d not heard of John Allman but am pleased to have been introduced to his elegant poetics of science although I’m not sure about the helix shaped text images.

“Honku” was purchased perhaps as comic relief to the mention earlier, of the impenetrable and enigmatic Japanese Death Poems.  “Honku” calls itself the Zen antidote to road rage.  While I tend to agree with my husband that this book was likely in the 50 cent bin prior to the sale, I did get a modest laugh or two for my dollar.  A couple of road rage haiku  . . .

Alaska’s melting–

hope your Yukon Denali

doubles as a boat


Is it you or me

victim of insanity

honker or honkee?

The Byron bio, I bought to give to the only person (other than my son) who has posted a comment on my blog.  In response to the Rumi poem I posted on my HEART page she posted her favourite Rumi poem and made reference to Byron.  Email me “D”, let’s get together soon!

As for Joy Kogawa’s poetry, first I”ll publicly confess that I have not read “Obasan”, shame on me, really, really.  I do have some personal recollections of Joy however as my parents were heavily involved in the group that worked towards Redress for Japanese Canadians.  Once I get a decent scanner, I’ll post a photo of me, my mom, an aunt, Joy Kogawa and my son at 9 months on September 22, 1988.  We had just left the House of Commons after hearing Brian Mulroney apologize for the internment of Japanese Canadians and announce Redress.

Finally, “The Ancient Olympics” has proved to be a well-researched, mini-compendium of the Olympics.  Most interesting to me and worthy of further investigation was the separate contest held to honor Hera. Possibly as old as the festivals for boys and men, foot races for unmarried girls were the only competitions. The winners of these races were entitled to dedicate images to commemorate their victories, and take part in the sacrifice of cows to honor Hera. As a big fan of running skirts, I like the image of the short tunic worn by female competitors.

Our son’s friend who lives with us just returned from a one-month trip to Vietnam.  Our son is moving out tomorrow.  Big day . . . better get to bed.

Bon soir!

6 books for $6.00

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