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Fluids on the run, a tip

I am trying to post once a day but it is not easy to find the time.  Here’s a quickie.

I’ve developed a low-tech alternative to the fluid belt.  After struggling with belts that bounce up and down and elastic that loses its stretch I decided that I prefer to run without the bouncy bottles.  Instead, I carry a zip lock bag or two filled with Gatorade powder and add the water at water fountains.  This is feasible in the winter as well, if you plan your pits stops in advance. In a pinch, duck into a laundromat for your water.  It is quite easy to drink from the bag.

Now the next tip I’m told is something “a MAN would NEVER do” by a male running buddy.  I cut off the tip of a sock and use it as a pocket by pinning it to the inside of my running shorts.  Specialty sports gear can be expensive and pockets come at a cost.

Let me know if this works for you.  And, if you are male, let me know what you think of the sock-pocket idea.  Cheers!