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Saturday Long Run, Saturday Night More Fun

If you were to poll marathon runners about which day they do their long run, chances are a good majority would say Sunday.  My preference is Saturday as I find that the evening is more enjoyable with the long run over and done with, as is Sunday morning.

Despite the crazily cold northwest wind of over 40 kilometres per hour, I felt pretty good today and got in a 14 miler, about 8 miles of that with company and the final 6 miles on my own.

We were sent an alert by a friend, that her husband’s son’s movie Small Town Murder Songs by Ed Gass-Donnelly was opening at  Royal Cinema .  So off we went to view what turned out to be a remarkably coherent film about faith, redemption and love, a second film for this up and coming 32 year old.  This snapshot of small town Ontario avoided, for the most part, the usual cliched depictions of rural life, and included some beautifully shot landscapes.  It seemed much longer than its 75 minutes due to the density of its slow moving storyline.

Ed Gass-Donnelly, Director of Small Town Murder Songs

The soundtrack by the band Bruce Peninsula was prominent and fairly effective.  We’ll be hoping for a soundtrack CD.  The director, son of Ken Gass, of Factory Theatre Lab fame was on hand for a post-film Q &A.  Before the show, I told my husband that if I did not enjoy the film, I would (of course) not mention that we had seen it.

If you are interested in seeing the work of a talented young Canadian filmmaker, I’d suggest you see this.