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Happy legs are here again

Not quite a balmy beach run

I accomplished a lot in March but one goal I missed was to blog at least four times. Two activities that are “fun” for me are blogging and running but while blogging may have some mental fitness benefits, the physical and mental benefits of blowing out your lungs while running aerobically and anaerobically just can’t be beat. Running with my track club in the evening is an amazing way to be transported away from the worries of the world of work. There’s no room to squeeze in any stressful thoughts while focusing on running 6 X 1000 meters really hard with a 2 minute rest in between.

I ran the Beaches Spring Sprint on Saturday and ran very close to my spring-summer goal of going under 21 minutes for 5K. I had hoped to run about 21:40 but ran 21:04 a time over 2 minutes faster than the 5K I ran last fall. I had really begun to think that I would never see the other side of 20 minutes at age 56 but sub-20 minute 5k, here I come.

This 5K is packed with high school track stars who run 5K’s for strength. Normally, young runners go out too hard and fade in the second half but there were a ton of great times run by the youngsters in this race including the male winner (13-17 year old category) who nearly set a course record in a time of 14:53 and a junior girl who ran under 18 minutes.

A cautious start

I concentrated on holding back in the first half and had a very strong finish, passing one young woman whose coach helpfully shouted out that she was on 21:30 pace with about 600 meters to go. I knew I would get my time and put on a final burst in the last 20 meters to pass a couple more runners right at the finish line. My confidence has come back in droves. After years of marathon training, my weary legs are remembering what it is like to run fast.

Happy, happy and more happy.