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Sick Day, Third Missed Run of 2011

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I felt fine last night although tired from my 14 miler as well as a solid day of work.  Then, I woke at 3:00 a.m. with what seemed to be food poisoning but now I’m thinking some kind of flu as the sick stomach symptoms subsided by around 10 a.m. but I’m extremely achy and tired.  I also felt a bit delirious with thoughts swirling in my head like a whirlpool.

While trying to keep warm on the couch near our 3rd floor bathroom, I found myself imagining how terrible homelessness must be.  A warm bed with plenty of blankets, a state-of-grace, to say the least.

We had planned to visit our roommate Alain’s restaurant for brunch this morning as it is their first ever brunch.  As well there was a very slight chance that we might be offered tickets for the Raptor’s game, to be viewed from an Executive Suite.  But I’ll be happy for the return of simple health and a comfortable sleep.  A ordinary blessing to give thanks for.  When we do make it to MIDI BISTRO for brunch, I’ll be savouring that moment.

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