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What happens when you leave the camera behind

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Dear friends,

I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to post tonight.  Thanks to the wonder of no-bag-to-check I made it to the boarding area for my flight in record time.  No line-up at the flight counter, just straight to security.  So here I am, in a plum spot by an electrical outlet blogging.  I hear there will be parties happening at our house while we are away.  Our son has been returning on the weekends, and while he has flown the coup, we have as a roommate one of his inner circle.

I left my camera behind this morning, thinking to myself, that I’d come upon the usual sights, and leave the photography for another day.  Who knew, that while running through Mt. Pleasant cemetery we would see a deer!  YES, a young buck with antlers about 10-12 inches long.  As it turns out this was not a one-in-a-lifetime moment as research revealed that there have been regular deer sightings in the Don Valley and the Moore park ravine.  A cyclist took this PHOTO of what looks like the very same deer we saw.  Amazing!

After completing our loop through the cemetery, we approached a group of 12-15 very fit looking young women.  After passing by, someone called my name, and the leader of this impressive group was Nicole Stevenson, one of Canada’s top marathon runners.  Again, a great photo opportunity missed.

As one run company slogan says, “the more ground you cover, the more you see”.  I’ll be thinking twice about leaving the camera behind on my next long run.

From the airport!

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